"You don't need to accept everything as true,
you only have to accept it as necessary."
"Depressing view," said K.
"The lie made into the rule of the world."

I'm Lindsey.
This is what I find aesthetically pleasing.


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For a minute there I lost myself.
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Andy’s Volkswagen Corrado by Jacob Tompkins | Worked Photography on Flickr.

I really, really love living in New York City. I love being in constant motion. I love my apartment and my neighborhood, I love my connections, I love exploring new places. My job is inspiring, and I am determined to succeed at everything it brings. I am feverishly optimistic and happy.

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Jane of Sea of Shoes

Tim Burton and Winona Ryder on the set of Edward Scissorhands (1990)
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eye of the heart

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Synesthesia30 x 40 inchesacrylic on canvas

This photo was taken over 20 years ago by Todd Robertson during a KKK rally in northeast Georgia. One of the boys approached a black state trooper, who was holding his riot shield on the ground. Seeing his reflection, the boy reached for the shield, and Robertson snapped the photo.
I think the officer’s expression says it all. This child standing before him is being taught how to hate even though he doesn’t understand it. He probably doesn’t understand the difference between this and Halloween.